Wedding Shoes You’ll Be Able To Wear Again

December 4, 2018


It sounds a little silly, but one of the hardest parts of planning our wedding was trying to find my wedding shoes. I’ve never been one for glitter and rhinestones, and most of the traditional wedding shoes out there are pretty ornate. I rarely wear heels, so I knew that combined with an abnormally long aisle to walk down, I’d need something comfortable. I also knew that if I splurged on a pair of shoes, I didn’t want to wear them for one day and pack them up in a box to collect dust.

I’d been eyeing this sassy gold pair from Loeffler Randall, but was nervous that they were too untraditional for wedding shoes. Then I remembered that there was a whole slew of things about our wedding considered untraditional and decided to go for them. After the wedding, I took them on our honeymoon to Greece with me and I’ve worn them on several other occasions after that. I couldn’t recommend getting a pair that you love and will want to continue wearing enough!

I bookmarked a handful of neutral, classic options as I was looking and thought I’d share with you, in case you were looking for something similar.


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