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Weekend Morning Reads | No. 01

Weekend Morning Reads | Rachael Adele Lifestyle Blog

Happy weekend, friends. I thought I’d start sharing the occasional post on what I’m reading around the interwebs. I begin most Saturday mornings curled up with a cup of coffee, catching up on articles I didn’t have the time to read during the week in an attempt to wake myself enough to head to the gym.

What are you up to this Saturday? I have some consulting work and photo editing to wrap up this morning and then it’s all play from here on out. The temps are finally supposed to rise to 70 degree today (phew!). Does that mean spring is here for good? Patio margaritas are on the agenda over here. I’m hoping to see Beauty and The Beast at some point, too. Dying of excitement.

Here are a few morning coffee links:

12 recipes for when you don’t feel like cooking (ugh. me, every night.)

This article isn’t new, but I found it so interesting. Whether your single or attached, this is a great read on what creates a successful relationship.

J.Crew has created their own holiday and I plan on celebrating accordingly.

Admittedly, I’ve been searching for the perfect pieces to pack for Paris for over a month now. My trip isn’t until the end of April, so I’m probably jumping the gun, but I’m thinking lots of easy pieces like this dress and this one.

Spring cleaning is upon us. I did some organizing and purging this week and have been thinking of refreshing my space with a new rug for the dining room, a coat of white paint in the bathroom, and some new art in the living room. Serena & Lily is having their friends & family sale and I may try to knock a few things off my list this weekend. Use the code MUSTHAVE for an extra 20% off.

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve updated the shop page with my favorite spring pieces. Home + beauty to be added soon.

Jenna Kutcher’s podcast, The Goal Digger podcast is one of my favorites to listen to, and the episode with Jess Lively (who’s podcast I also love) really struck a cord in my heart this week. They discuss how most people wait for an event to trigger their mood and frequency each morning, but ultimately that can and should be decided by you. It’s made me want to be more intentional about how I start my day. Being kind to yourself and choosing happiness can make all the difference. The episode is full of other incredible nuggets of knowledge, I’d highly suggest a listen when you have the time.

A few more noteworthy sales happening:
West Elm: 20% off with code SCORE
LOFT: Up to 40% off
Joie: Up to 25% off

Hope your weekend is full of all the good things in life. xo


Links For Your Weekend

Weekend Links | Rachael Adele

What are you up to this weekend? I’ve got my french-pressed coffee in hand, waiting for my sister to wake up so we can decide on a place to brunch and explore today. She’s been in Costa Rica for two weeks and has the most incredible tan that I am completely envious of. We’ve really been lucky with warmer weather this winter in Kansas City so far, but I think we’re going to see some snow next week, so we’re going to soak up this sunny Saturday while we can.

A few links for your morning coffee reads:

Rue Magazine‘s latest issue features a home tour of a log cabin in Sonoma County, full of white walls, rich brown leathers, and natural materials.

TeaLeaves + Pantone have created the most stunning concoctions for #PaletteForYourPalate. My little designer heart sings every time I look at them.

Every restaurant should plate their meals with these, no?

Madewell released their spring line this week (currently only available for pre-order) and I want every. single. piece. The styling is perfection and has me longing for warmer days.

Image via Park and Cube


Weekend Links

TheEverygirl Farm to Table | Rachael Adele

Good morning chickens! I’m sitting in my usual Saturday morning spot on my second cup of coffee listening to the swoosh of cars on the wet streets below my little condo. Quiet mornings like these are my favorite.

The rain is supposed to dry up soon, which means I’ll be making my way to the River Market for brunch and this week’s veggie haul. Nothing out of the ordinary this weekend for this girl. What are you up to today?

A few links I’ve collected over the week:

This post on Eye Swoon is decadent, dramatic, and styled to perfection.

I crave roasted vegetables this time of year. Dying to try this recipe.

An inspiring read from Design Sponge on Rachel Berks, an LA based graphic designer and owner of Otherwild Goods & Services. She’s created a multipurpose space – a storefront, a studio, and a community space for empowering local artists. Her quote, β€œThe biggest lesson I have learned is to believe in myself and in my vision,” really resonated with me. Doubting yourself and your vision is a common struggle for creatives. It’s so important to remember that trusting your intuition and putting in the time will always pay off in the end.

On a related note, as a graphic designer this made me giggle.

Kansas City has been making my heart burst with pride lately. The Royals in the World Series and our very own Matt Baldwin as a Council of Fashion Designers of America finalist and inside the November issue of Vogue. The joy and support this city has for it’s teams, entrepreneurs, doers, and dreamers is palpable, infectious, and incomparable.

Image via The Everygirl’s Farm to Table Dinner