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My Favorite Healthy Skin Products

Healthy Skin - Beauty and Skincare Products | Rachael Adele Lifestyle Blog

For the majority of my life, I haven’t had many issues with my skin outside of the occasional blemish – lucky, I know! So when regular breakouts started out-welcoming their stay, I had no idea what to do to combat the problem. I’d used the same skincare and makeup products for years and was so out of touch with what else was out there. So I started doing lots of research. I knew I wanted to stick with mostly natural…

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Great Workout Gear for Women in 2017

Great Workout Gear for Women in 2017 | Rachael Adele Blog

An ongoing goal of mine has been to get up early and get a workout in before heading to work. I know myself well enough to be sure that if I wait until after the work day is over, I may find an excuse to skip the gym. I’ve finally gotten into a good morning rhythm, splitting my days between cardio and weights and I love feeling like I’ve accomplished something before the sun comes up! Getting it done first…

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