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Mother’s Day Gift Guide for 2017

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2017 | Rachael Adele Lifestyle Blog

My mom is the type of person that knows how to make every holiday, birthday, and important milestone throughout life a truly โ€‹special occasion. We always had thoughtfully themed birthday parties, handmade Halloween costumes, cakes made from scratch, we hunted Easter eggs until well into our 20s, her house looks like the North pole at Christmastime, and to this day I still receive a handmade Valentine’s day card in the mail each year. She’s taught me the meaning of kindness,…

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Mother’s Day: A Gift Guide

It’s almost that time to celebrate the mamas in your life. I’ve always felt that Mother’s Day is a pretty special holiday. My mom (like many) is a selfless lady and rarely asks for anything from us kids. We’re close, her and I, and I love the opportunity to give her something pretty, luxurious, something that she wants but would never buy for herself. This time of year is such an ideal time for a holiday such as Mother’s Day,…

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