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My Favorite Kansas City Coffee Shops

Favorite Kansas City Coffee Shops | Rachael Adele Lifestyle Blog

Coffee is one of the many things I do my research on and seek out when I travel. I really enjoy experiencing other city’s coffee shops for both the atmosphere and the drinks. There’s nothing better than starting your day in a well-designed space for a boost of caffeine. Those outside of Kansas City might not know that it actually has a large, thriving coffee scene. I feel lucky to live in a place with so many great options! I…

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A Trip to Nashville

Nashville Travel Recap | Rachael Adele Blog

Madewell top | Joe’s Jeans | Vans slip-ons | Madewell tote In March, my sister and I ventured to Nashville as a last hurrah of her college days. Sadly, spring break doesn’t come around anymore when you’re living that adult life (can we bring that back, plz?) so we took full advantage of the long weekend trip together. We lucked out with the most amazing weather and walked instead of drove when we could. I like to think we covered…

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