Simple Way To Boost Happiness At Home

November 5, 2015



Daylight savings has officially set in this week, with the only real positive outcome of finally being one hour apart from Jesse instead of two. Long distance is the pits when you’re on completely different time schedules. Leaving work when it’s dark and cold has me wanting to stay in rather than spending my evenings at happy hours or running errands around town. As stay at home season commences, I’m striving to be more intentional about making my condo the most comfortable and enjoyable place to spend my time.

I’ve noticed that there are a few really simple things that make me infinitely more happy and relaxed at home. There are certain tasks that if I’d complete them in the moment, they wouldn’t linger in the back of my mind for days.


Here are few simple things that make my home a happy place:

A made bed – Simple, takes 2 minutes when I wake up and sets the tone for the day.

Lit candles – A night in with a glass of red wine and Scandal is only made better by the ambiance of lighting a candle or two. Especially in the fall and winter, this small action makes all the difference in creating those comforting, homey vibes.

Dish-free sink – I love a clean kitchen. On hose days that I don’t feel like doing them and they begin to collect in my sink, I tend avoid my kitchen altogether, resulting in less cooking and more take-out – no bueno.

Eliminating the mail pile – Mail piles are the WORST. Sorting through the junk and recycling the moment I bring my mail in is a small, intentional task that makes for a much nicer view when I walk into my condo.

Fresh flowers – I’ve read again and again that placing fresh flowers around the house is proven to boost your happiness. Occasionally treating myself to a seasonal bunch gives my home little extra life and color, and is an easy decor element when entertaining. I love going to City Market on Saturday mornings and handpicking a $10 bouquet while shopping for the week’s local produce. You can also purchase from local vendors on BloomNation or grab a seasonal bunch on your grocery run to Trader Joe’s.

So simple and easy, right? Do you have tips for making your home feel it’s best? Share in the comments, let’s be intentional together. 🙂

Bloom Nation | Rachael Adele

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I like to have a picture frame with a picture from a time that genuinely made me laugh.

If you keep a couple photos in the frame, you can mix it up after a while without much effort.

Plus, if you’re like me, you’ll totally forget what the extra prints were… Which makes forgetting something positive.

Beautiful photos on this post, like always, Rachael!