My Shopping Philosophy + The 3 Things To Buy During the Nordstrom Sale

July 12, 2019

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 | Rachael Adele Lifestyle Blog
My best friend and I would go shopping in college, always bee-lining it for the best sale racks. We’d sometimes bring home a piece or two that weren’t 100% our taste (or sometimes even our size). But they were on sale! And we were poor college students. After a few years of shopping that way, I noticed I had an overflowing closet of pieces I didn’t love with the tags still attached to them. A real face-in-palm moment, looking back.

My philosophy with shopping has changed drastically over the last 10 years. I’m much more intentional–buying only high quality items that can be paired with almost anything in my closet and will stand the test of time. My rule of thumb for shopping a sale is that if I wouldn’t normally buy the piece full price, I shouldn’t buy it just because it’s discounted.

The Nordstrom sale can seem a little overhyped, but it is a decent time to snatch new fall items for a discount if you’re in need! Going into these sale events with a plan and sticking to a few quality basics tends to work best for me.

If you are a cardholder, you can shop the sale starting 11:30 am CST. I’ve spent quite a bit of time browsing and collecting the gems in regards to boots, denim, and beauty. These are always the categories I find have the best items by the best brands. I will also say that the Zella athletic leggings are amazing and come in a close second to my Lululemons. I bought three pairs of these crops during last year’s sale and they’ve held up so well.

This year, I know I need a good pair of black boots to replace my beloved Marc Fisher Chelsea booties that I’ve worn into the ground over the past 2 years. It feels like every fall/winter I have one pair of boots that I reach for constantly. This pair of Vince booties are incredible and so versatile.

The denim selection is always amazing, so if you anticipate needing a pair for the upcoming fall season, this is a great time to buy. My most loved and worn denim is this pair of black raw hem denim by Rag & Bone. I love that Madewell and Levi’s are also included in the sale.

If there are products in your skincare regime that you buy on the reg, why not stock up on a few extras while they’re on sale? If I can make it work, I always wait to buy my go-to products until I can find them on sale, then I snag a few at a time. This is my favorite sunscreen for summer and it’s such a good price for the set of three. And I take these Jo Malone London mini fragrances with me every time I travel. They’re great if you can’t commit to one scent, you’re on the hunt for your signature, or are just slow to finish full-sized bottles.

Those are probably the only categories I’ll buy from this year, but if there’s anything else you’d like me to cover, I’d love to hear. Happy shopping and happy Friday! xx

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