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5 Fresh Salads for Your Holiday Weekend

Lemon Dijon Potato Salad via Taste Love and Nourish It’s almost Memorial Day weekend and I have visions of sunshine and sangria dancing through my head. Do you travel for the holiday or enjoy that extra day at home?…

Green and Tan Warm Weather Style | Rachael Adele Lifestyle Blog

Style: Olive Green and Distressed Denim

On my way to work a few days ago, the dj’s on the radio were debating which outfits women most commonly associate with feeling their sexiest. It seemed to be a pretty split vote between the loungewear and messy…

2016 Summer Sandal Trends | Rachael Adele Lifestyle Blog

The Best Summer Sandals of 2016

My sister is moving in with me for the summer before her last semester of college. I’m so excited to have a roomie after living on my own for 5 years and to spend a lot of extra time…

Mint Cucumber Lemonade | Rachael Adele Lifestyle Blog

Mint Cucumber Lemonade

A few weeks back, I spotted a local farm that had set up shop on the side of the road on my way home from work and decided to pull over to check out the herb selection. I haven’t…

Mother's Day Outdoor Brunch | Rachael Adele Blog
Entertaining Recipes

Mother’s Day Entertaining and a Recipe

It’s no surprise to anyone here that I’m a huge believer in brunch. Even better when it includes a patio and loved ones. For Mother’s Day, my friend Sarah Sweeney and I styled a simple outdoor brunch and it’s…