Mint Cucumber Lemonade

May 10, 2016

A few weeks back, I spotted a local farm that had set up shop on the side of the road on my way home from work and decided to pull over to check out the herb selection. I haven’t had fresh herbs at home in a few years and was overly excited about all of the culinary possibilities. I left with several mint plants, a basil plant, rosemary, and cilantro. We’ve got herbs for days at this little condo of mine.

Mint Cucumber Lemonade | Rachael Adele Lifestyle Blog
Mint Cucumber Lemonade | Rachael Adele Lifestyle Blog

When I was really into juicing a few years ago, I’d go through heaps of mint each week. I love the smell of mint and can’t get enough of it in my drinks. But can we just talk about how hard juicers are to wash for a second? The effort of cleaning the machine outweighs the benefits of juicing for me most days and my juicer has sadly been collecting dust since last summer.

But not today, my friends. I knew with the abundant amount of mint I had on hand that it was only appropriate to put together my favorite (non-alcoholic) refreshing summer beverage – mint cucumber lemonade! I use the term lemonade loosely, as it has no added sugar. It’s a healthier and hydrating version, which is a win-win for me and anyone who prefers infusing flavor into their water.

Mint Cucumber Lemonade | Rachael Adele Lifestyle BlogMint Cucumber Lemonade | Rachael Adele Lifestyle Blog


4 lemons, halved and juiced
5 cups water
1 cucumber
2 handfuls of mint, roughly chopped
1 lemon for garnish

Combine all of the ingredients in a large pitcher.
Stir well and refrigerate for at least an hour before serving to allow the cucumbers and mint to flavor the drink.
Garnish with slices of cucumber, lemon, and a sprig of mint to serve.


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