Kitchen Planning

April 18, 2014

Kitchen Inspiration | Rachael Adele
Last weekend I decided on a whim that I would tackle my kitchen backsplash. Drywall guts had stared me in the face one day too many. Supplies were bought, YouTube videos were watched and I was feeling overly confident in my abilities to fly through my first subway tile installation.

I’m someone who lives for instant gratification, but renovations will make a patient person out of you. The first day was very much trial and error. It turned out that we didn’t have the right blade to cut the tiles, and just like that, one of our two precious days was gone. We finally got in the groove of things Sunday, but were stopped at the halfway point by a typical midwest spring torrential downpour. So the weekend backsplash project will be overflowing into this weekend.

I really do love the process of starting and finishing projects, and while I know it won’t feel like I’m living in a construction zone forever, it’s hard for me to find a sense of calm in the chaos. Having the kitchen done will bring a huge feeling of accomplishment. The oven can be moved from it’s temporary home in my LIVING ROOM back to it’s rightful place – hoorah! A few things I’m itching to make when it’s back: this, this and these.

In the meantime, I’ll be busy searching high and low for new lighting and sourcing the things that will make it pretty when it’s all put back together.

Have a lovely Easter weekend.

Polished Chrome Knobs | Walnut Serving Board | Polished Chrome Flushmount | French Coffee Press | Striped Towels | Subway Tile

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