Entryway Inspiration

October 17, 2015

Entryway Inspiration | Rachael Adele

For the few years now that I’ve been living in my condo, I’ve slowly been updating when and where I can. It’s come a long way since it’s all-beige-everything days, and now that I have the foundation set with hardwood flooring, bright white walls, new baseboards etc, I’m ready to start adding some visual interest within the details.

My entryway was the biggest pain point from the start. The space is small and sits on a step a few inches above the rest of the condo. The brass hardware is old and needs some love and there’s a big ole intercom that is a bit of an eyesore. Both are things I have to work around since they’re universal throughout all of the units in my building, but I’m convinced a little creativity and planning will pay off.

I’ve pulled a few inspiration images for what I envision for the space. The entryway is the first experience you have with a home. I want mine to feel warm and inviting, but still be simple and as functional as possible for the tiny area that it is.

Entryway Inspiration | Rachael Adele

Coat hooks + Storage

Entryway Inspiration | Rachael Adele

Lighting 1 + 2

Entryway Inspiration | Rachael Adele

Black doors 1 + 2

First set of images with planked ceilings 1 + 2

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