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4 Instagrams For Beautiful Inspiration

My Instagram feed tends to change and evolve. I used to follow thousands of accounts and realized I was checking the app A LOT throughout the day. I’d get into bed at night and scroll for 30-40 minutes, you guys! It was a large chunk of my day that I was spending unproductively and I was using it as a way to wind down at night, but it usually had the opposite effect.

While it’s still my favorite app for inspiration, I’ve edited down my feed for two reasons. One being that I’ve made a conscious effort to spend less time viewing other creative’s work to make more time for creating my own. Second, quality over quantity in every aspect of life ALWAYS wins. I decided that if I’m going to spend my time looking through Instagram, every post I see should be inspiring and engaging in some way.

I love following accounts that you can so clearly tell the person is doing what they love and have a fresh perspective on life. I thought I’d share a few Instagrammers that currently make me happy and inspire the heck out of me with every single post as I’m scrolling through me feed. I’d also love to hear who your favorites are, so place them in the comments below!

4 Inspiring Instagrammers | Rachael Adele

MΓΌr Lifestyle | This collection of simple, beautiful, and functional home goods are styled in the most dreamy way. I didn’t even know it was a shop when I first came across their account because the pieces are styled as small details of daily life instead of your typical product shot.

4 Inspiring Instagrammers | Rachael Adele

Now Forager | Oh, do I love a good food feed. As a former pastry chef, food photographer and writer Teresa Floyd knows just how to capture food at it’s loveliest. She’s a Kansas City native, and I always enjoy seeing this city through the eyes of a talented photographer.

4 Inspiring Instagrammers | Rachael Adele

Thimble and Cloth | I first found Lindy Dodge from her home tour on Design Sponge a few months back. Lindy and her husband are incredibly handy and have a beautifully renovated home full of specially crafted items. She also has an online textiles store of mudcloth pillows and indigo-dyed blankets that I can’t get enough of.

4 Inspiring Instagrammers | Rachael Adele

Tess Guinery Design | Tess is a graphic designer with flat lays that slay. This chick is amazing at her craft. Every single post is fresh and inspiring.

4 Inspiring Instagrammers | Rachael Adele

Hey I’m Kate | Kate Ogata is the San Franciscan blogger of The Fancy Pants Blog, with a cool, effortless, and somewhat edgy style. She keeps it real. Her outfits are affordable and attainable and she’s always hitting up the next cool spot to eat and shop in San Fran, one of my very favorite cities to visit.

I want to know your favorites, too. Let’s hear ’em!


Links For Your Weekend

Weekend Links | Rachael Adele

What are you up to this weekend? I’ve got my french-pressed coffee in hand, waiting for my sister to wake up so we can decide on a place to brunch and explore today. She’s been in Costa Rica for two weeks and has the most incredible tan that I am completely envious of. We’ve really been lucky with warmer weather this winter in Kansas City so far, but I think we’re going to see some snow next week, so we’re going to soak up this sunny Saturday while we can.

A few links for your morning coffee reads:

Rue Magazine‘s latest issue features a home tour of a log cabin in Sonoma County, full of white walls, rich brown leathers, and natural materials.

TeaLeaves + Pantone have created the most stunning concoctions for #PaletteForYourPalate. My little designer heart sings every time I look at them.

Every restaurant should plate their meals with these, no?

Madewell released their spring line this week (currently only available for pre-order) and I want every. single. piece. The styling is perfection and has me longing for warmer days.

Image via Park and Cube


4 Ways To Improve Your New Year

4 Ways To Improve Your New Year | Rachael Adele

Happy New Year to you. It’s been an adjustment getting back to a routine this week, but it was a welcome change after the long holiday break. Over the past week, I’ve done some reflecting and planning for the future, much like I’m sure most of you have done. I’ve been thinking about how we measure time, how a year sections off a portion of our life and defines us, giving us a tangible beginning and end.

I love the reflection the end of a year allows; being able to sit and remember all of the moments, achievements, and challenges the past year uncovered. I so look forward to the endless possibilities the beginning of a new year brings, it’s hopeful, a blank page, a chance to change what isn’t working and harvest those seeds we’ve been planting along the way.

For me, last year was a year of growth, personally and professionally. While there were many positives, there were some really cruddy parts, too. I love this quote by Danielle LePorte: “Sadness brings you eye to eye with your desires”. It’s so, so true, don’t you think? This year was beautifully imperfect and I believe it to be the foundation laid for a year of greatness!

I don’t set resolutions, but I do hope to be intentional about certain areas of life in the coming 365 days + beyond. Play more. Cultivate meaningful relationships. Start something new. Take care of my body and mind. Buy more flowers. Travel to new places. Read for fun. Work hard. Love well.

There are a few things that have been making me feel really great about this year that I wanted to share in case you needed a little inspiration!

1. Go to bed 30 minutes earlier: I’ve gotten into a habit of watching shows or scrolling through Instagram right before going to bed. It’s been proven that staring at a screen right before bedtime effects your ability to sleep.

2. Keep a gratitude journal: Each night I’ve been writing down 3 things I’m thankful for that day. If you’re not the journalling type, even going over them in your head allows you to look back at all the great things that happened that day and will effect your mood for days to come.

3. Watch Life Hacks TEDTalks on Netflix: I love my Netflix, usually in the form of SVU or some sort of drama, so it’s been a nice change of pace watching one or two of these inspirational pieces each night. Each one is no longer than 15 minutes and packed with motivation for the New Year.

4. Buy a planner: I’m not much of a planner. I use a Google calendar as far as booking appointments and roughly scheduling out my blog posts, but I usually just rely on a slew of post it notes scattered around my desk with small lists on them. Obviously that is not the most efficient way to do things when you’re running a design business and a blog. I’ve had planners in the past, but this time I’m finally going to stick to using it! This one is my favorite because it’s broken out into weeks and months. It’s already saved me from so much procrastination and allows me to put my personal and professional goals and obligations in one place.

Do you have any new habits or goals you’re working toward this year? I’d love to hear them! Let’s make it a magical, successful, and joy-filled 2016.

Image by Sarah Sweeney for Nickel & Suede