The Best Summer Sandals of 2016

2016 Summer Sandal Trends | Rachael Adele Lifestyle Blog

My sister is moving in with me for the summer before her last semester of college. I’m so excited to have a roomie after living on my own for 5 years and to spend a lot of extra time with my best friend. I’ve gotten quite comfortable in my two bedroom place all to myself, though, so I’m sure there will be an adjustment period for both of us.

In the process of getting ready for my new roommate, I’ve realized just how much I’ve accumulated over the years and it turns out I am quite the shoe hoarder. I have three closets full of them, most of which I don’t wear because they’re old and worn. So this weekend will be chock full of closet organizing, trips to donation centers, and lots of slow breathing exercising for stay calm and collected.

Honestly, I never buy shoes because I just have nowhere to put them. I’m really loving the sandal selection this season, so I’ve made a strong list of the ones I’m obsessing over and may add to my collection once I’ve cleared some space. Out with the old, in with the shoes…wait, that’s not how it goes? Below is a full compilation of the best summer sandals:




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