The Best Neutral One-Piece Swimsuits Under $200

June 9, 2019

Summer Pool Style
What a blessing it is that one-piece suits are in–and so chic this season I might add. I wanted to try and make the high-waisted bikini trend work this year. I tried dozens of them before heading to Hawaii and it wound up just not being the style for me and my body type. But that’s okay! Because I love the versatility of good one-piece and feel 100% comfortable swimming, socializing, eating chips and guac, etc. in one.

Leopard On-Piece Swimsuit
Mango Leopard Swimsuit

I’ve found a handful of one-pieces that are so, so good. Per usual, I’m drawn to neutrals for a few reasons: they’re flattering, they tend to look more high-end, and they stand the test of time and trends. I’ve owned and loved my Solid and Striped one-piece for several years now and it continues to be a classic choice. I did spice things up a bit this year with this leopard print suit from Mango. I love the thin straps and neckline. I’ve probably worn it most so far this year.

For me, a one-piece has to tick the following boxes:
1. For vacation, I want to be able to throw a pair of shorts or a simple coverup over it and have it be modest enough to walk around in public and/or eat at a casual restaurant.
2. No crazy tan lines.
3. Full coverage in the bum area (for the most part).
4. A flattering material/fabric/pattern that doesn’t feel cheap and isn’t going to be see-through when wet.
5. Looks and feels comfortable + amazing whether I’m at a social event with friends, on a beach vacation, or playing pig in my in-laws pool with the family.


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