7 of Our Favorite Date Ideas

February 13, 2019

Best Winter Date Ideas | Rachael Adele Lifestyle Blog

Last weekend in Seattle, we were having a drink with a friend who is in the beginning stages of a relationship. He was asking us about what kinds of dates Zach and I went on that were different from your cliché dinner and a movie. That got my wheels turning and brought back so many good memories!

We started dating in the thick of winter. This time of year (at least for me), it’s hard to want to put on something nice and leave the house for a date. Especially when you could just stay in, stay warm, and order Postmates, but much like getting to the gym for a workout in the morning, I’m always SO happy I did afterwards. In the case that you live somewhere cold this time of year and are in need of a few fresh date ideas, I’ve put together a few that Zach and I love (no matter the weather, really).

Head to Barnes and Noble. Some of our favorite first dates involved walking around the Plaza and popping into Barnes and Noble to browse the shelves and grab a cup of coffee. Talking about your favorite books and records is a fun way to get to know each other better and makes for great gift ideas down the road.

Go to the grocery store and pick out ingredients for a meal you’ve never made and cook it together. This is a little tricky in our tiny kitchen that barely fits one person comfortably, but making a meal together is a fun bonding activity and makes the food taste that much better when you sit down to enjoy. One of our first dates involved truffle risotto and crusty french bread, and it’s always been such a sweet memory for me.

Make a cheese plate, pour a glass of wine, and play a game or start a puzzle together. Who doesn’t love a good cheese plate? Activities at home that don’t involve binging the next best show together allow you to focus on having fun and connecting with each other.

Go out for just a drink and dessert somewhere neither of you have been. If you’re in the KC area, I highly recommend Tom’s Town for cocktails and Rye for a slice a lemon meringue pie. They aren’t in the same area, but sometimes it’s fun to hop around.

Hit up a local arcade and grab a slice of pizza. UpDown is a great spot in Kansas City, and has all of the old school games you know and love (v into skee-ball).

Look for a new record to listen to together Grab a coffee at your favorite spot, then head to the nearest used record store to pick a few new vinyls to bring home with you. Songs can be the best reminder of someone you care about.

Go see a matinee together. The movie theater down the street from us has $5 matinees on Sundays. It’s refreshing to switch things up and plan a date outside of the typical Friday night.

What kinds of dates do you and your SO love planning? Comment below with your favorites.

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