How to Style Your Favorite Dresses in the Winter

Styling Your Favorite Dresses in the Winter | Rachael Adele Lifestyle Blog

There are a few dresses in my closet that I got this fall for weddings and other special occasions that I just hadn’t worn quite enough to get my fill before the cold weather hit. I decided to get a few jackets to pop over them to carry them into winter for brunches with friends, church, or date night with Zach. Instead of pairing the dress with your obvious pair of heels, I love making the look a little edgier…

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Holiday Party Dresses | Rachael Adele Lifestyle Blog
Holiday Style

Party Dresses for the Holiday Season

It seems like this year, more than years past, I have so many reasons to dress up for the holidays. Between company parties, friend gatherings, holiday open houses, weddings, and family events, my heels have been working overtime. My…

Holiday Gift Guide for the Home | Rachael Adele Blog

Gift Guide: For the Home

In this season of life, I get most excited about collecting pieces for my home. Isn’t it so true that we seem to gift whatever we’d personally want? This year it’s been fun for me to pick out gifts…

Fall/Winter 2018 Jacket and Coat Roundup | Rachael Adele Lifestyle Blog

The Fall/Winter 2018 Coat Guide

There are so many great jackets and coats to choose from this year. Until recently, I’ve worn the same J.Crew coat for years because it’s classic and goes with everything. The past few years, I’ve been slowly collecting coats…

Wedding Shoes You'll Wear Again
Our Wedding Style

Wedding Shoes You’ll Be Able To Wear Again

It sounds a little silly, but one of the hardest parts of planning our wedding was trying to find my wedding shoes. I’ve never been one for glitter and rhinestones, and most of the traditional wedding shoes out there…

Our Wedding Photos and Details | Rachael Adele
Our Wedding

Our Wedding: The Details

In the midst of all things holiday, I wanted to be able to share a bit about our wedding day in a timely manner. We received our photos and video back so quickly and I’ve been itching to share,…