16 White Dresses for Summer 2018

White Dresses for Summer 2018

In the trenches of summer, all I really want to wear are simple, easy dresses that I can throw on and go. I’ve finally relinquished my bad habit of living in jeans during the warmer months because of stories I’ve told myself about not being much of a shorts person. Took me long enough to come to my senses (eyeroll)! Nothing says summer more to me than a little white dress. I’ll admit that being engaged has me on the…

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Favorite Kansas City Coffee Shops | Rachael Adele Lifestyle Blog
Food Travel

My Favorite Kansas City Coffee Shops

Coffee is one of the many things I do my research on and seek out when I travel. I really enjoy experiencing other city’s coffee shops for both the atmosphere and the drinks. There’s nothing better than starting your…

Fall Pieces from Free People | Rachael Adele Blog

14 Pieces from Free People I’m Loving for Fall

Do you ever have a song that you’ll listen to repeatedly for weeks until you’re finally tired of it? It’s currently “Want you back” by Haim for me (the music video makes me so happy). I have certain items…

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2017 | Rachael Adele Lifestyle Blog

Mother’s Day Gift Guide for 2017

My mom is the type of person that knows how to make every holiday, birthday, and important milestone throughout life a truly ​special occasion. We always had thoughtfully themed birthday parties, handmade Halloween costumes, cakes made from scratch, we…

Weekend Morning Reads | Rachael Adele Lifestyle Blog

Weekend Morning Reads | No. 01

Happy weekend, friends. I thought I’d start sharing the occasional post on what I’m reading around the interwebs. I begin most Saturday mornings curled up with a cup of coffee, catching up on articles I didn’t have the time…